Firearm owners with expired licences stripped of legal protection


This affects 450,000 firearm owners. Martin Hood, Industry legal representative explains what this means.

Firearm owners have been stripped of their protections prevented the police from coming after them if their gun licences have expired. This is after the Supreme Court of Appeal knocked a 2018 interim interdict granted by the high court in Pretoria on the matter.

Martin Hood, Industry legal representative at South African Arms and Ammunition Dealers Association says the police decided to take the 2018 interim interdict to court, where they decided that it prevents the police from doing what they need to do in terms of the firearms control act.

According to Hood, all is not lost as politicians are sensitive to the issue. He says that it is quite probable that the government may grant amnesty on this to address this problem.

If you are one of the gun owners with an expired licence, Hood advised to wait and see if the amnesty is granted and if it is, to use it.


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