Diamond Retractable Sharpener

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Diamond Retractable Sharpener


Diamond Retractable Sharpener from Smith’s is a pocket sharpener for knives, serrated blades and hooks. Its shape and size resembles an ordinary pen, which makes it easy to take it anywhere in your pocket. High durability makes it an indispensable partner for anglers, fishermen and hunters.

The sharpening rod is made of steel, covered with monocrystalline diamonds, giving it the medium grade (400). The bar has two ends: tapered, for sharpening serrated knives, and rounded with a groove for sharpening hooks and smooth blades.

The pen-like handle allows you to carry the sharpener conveniently and also provides a comfortable grip when sharpening. The steel cap can be unscrewed to lock the bar in prefered position and the corrugation on its surface makes it easy to handle even with wet hands. The steel clip allows you to carry the sharpener comfortably and safely by hooking it to the edge of your pocket.

  • Technical data:
    Size: 123 x 12 mm
    Grade: Medium, 400
    Weight: 48 g

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