Hoppes Boresnake 25 6.5 264 Caliber

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Hoppes Boresnake 25 6.5 264 Caliber


Boresnake Rifle Cleaner 25 6.5mm 264 caliber

Take this complete, super compact BoreSnake Gun Cleaning Kit anywhere.
The rugged, soft-sided case attaches easily to a belt and fits compactly into a box or bag.

The Bore Snake is definitely the world’s fastest bore cleaner. 
Crafted with a series of built-in brushes, it combines all the cleaning processes into one simple step, effectively cleaning your bore in a single pass. 
Lightweight and compact, it’s easy to take to even the most remote hunting destination. 
There’s no exposed metal to damage the rifling or crown, and no assembly is required. 
And it is solvent safe, washable and reusable hundreds of times. 
Available for rifles, shotguns and pistols.

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