HOWA M1500 B/A 25-06REM BLUE STD 22″

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HOWA M1500 B/A 25-06REM BLUE STD 22"


The Howa 22 inch 25-06 Remington Hunter models uses the popular Howa M-1500 barreled action and a black Hogue synthetic rifle stock. With this combination you have a great shooter, combining supreme comfort and great handling, right of the shelf. The 22″ barrel on standard calibers ensures optimum muzzle velocity and accuracy. Howa Rifles has become a true benchmark amongst the South African hunting and shooting fraternity. Durability, accuracy and exceptional value for money has made Howa probably the number one choice in South Africa. What makes this model great is that the Howa Hunter All Weather Blued Black Synthetic model offer Hunters the best of both worlds of competition shooting accuracy and consistency, all in a hunting rifle profile. Top performance and an innovative and ergonomically designed rifle are just some of the Howa traits, all at an unbelievable affordable price.

The Howa M-1500 features a dual locking lug action based on an old-world platform using modern thinking, taking you to a new level in accuracy. The bolt action design is from a Sako based action, providing you with the same action type as some of the best custom built rifles, but at a fraction of the cost. One of the safest and strongest bolt actions on the market, the bolt features a one-piece body and M16 type spring loaded extractor. The action length is also matched to the cartridge size of the caliber.

  • Howa B/A 25-06 Remington Blue Barrel Standard 22″

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