PRVI 375 H&H FMJ RN 300GR AMMO (10)

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PRVI 375 H&H FMJ RN 300GR AMMO (10)


The 375 H&H Mag cartridge is extremely versatile and powerful enough to take down any of Africa’s “Big Five” game animals — indeed, it was even used to good effect against the behemoths in the movie Tremors 2. This 375 H&H Mag cartridge by Prvi Partizan, with its 300 grain bullet and muzzle velocity of 2,460 fps, is just the thing if you would like to get a little quality practice time with your elephant gun. Its full metal jacket will save your bore against lead fouling which would hurt your accuracy, and by extension your ability to hunt elephants. Elephants are testy animals, and will react adversely if they perceive that you are shooting at them. It’s always advisable to make the first shot count.

  • Quantity – 10 rounds per box
  • Manufacturer – Prvi Partizan
  • Bullets – 300 grain full metal jacket (FMJ)
  • Casings – Boxer-primed brass

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