WIN AMMO 223 WSSM 55 GR JSP (20)

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WIN AMMO 223 WSSM 55 GR JSP (20)


The .223 WSSM was introduced in 2003 by the Browning Arms Company, Winchester Ammunition, and Winchester Repeating Arms Company. It is a shortened .300 WSM (Winchester Short Magnum) case necked down to accept a .224 caliber bullet. The .223 designation is a reference to the popular .223 Remington. It is currently the fastest production .22 caliber round in the world with muzzle velocities as high as 4,600 feet per second (1,402 meters per second).

  • Caliber: .223 WSSM
  • Bullet Type: Jacked Soft Point
  • Bullet Weight: 64 GR
  • Muzzle Energy: 1841 ft lbs
  • Velocity: 3600 fps
  • Rounds/box: 20 Rounds Per Box

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