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Packed in a sturdy black fabric bag this camping/survival kit is packed full of versatile and handy tools to help you in any environment.  Suitable for camping, adventure hiking or just to keep in your car.

A survival kit is a collection of basic items essential for survival in many emergency situations. Survival kits often contain a knife (or a multi-tool), matches, a flint, a compass, and food, water, and a space blanket. Even though most people have a kit of some sort in their car or at home, we believe that a consistent kit that covers all the basics for prepping should be easy to find. It should have everything you need in case of a storm, natural disaster, or an accident in the wild.

What’s in the Box:

1 x Black Storage Bag

1 x First Aid Kit Bag including tweezers, scissors, 2 x bandages, 2 x tape, cotton earbuds, 2 x wound pads, various plasters and a sling

1 x Fishing Kit including wire, lures, weights, hook and bait

1 x Water Bottle

1 x Splint

1 x Emergency Blanket

1 x Tent

1 x Poncho

1 x Rope

1 x Bottle Buckle

1 x Spoon & Fork Multitool

1 x Torch

1 x Tactical Pen

1 x Fretsaw

2 x Carabiners

1 x Flint

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