Deben Slim Electronic Ear Muffs

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Deben Slim Electronic Ear Muffs


If you’re a shooter, the chances are you already know how important it is to protect your ears. With Deben Slim Electronic Ear Defenders, you receive all of the necessary hearing protection whilst still being able to properly talk to the people around you.

With 23dB noise reduction, the Deben Slim Electronic Ear Defenders will reduce the damaging noise of the gunfire, just as any ear protection should but, the dual microphones fitted into each cup mean that you’ll still be able to hear quieter sounds around you, such as your friends talking, or even your instructor offering advice.

Battery Life Over 300 hrs (included)
Amplifiers Quieter Sounds in Stereo
Locking On/Off Volume Controls
Microphone filters to reduce wind noise
Stainless Steel Headband
Pocket size once folded
Designed and Manufactured in the UK
CE Approved

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