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The FOBUS Glock 43 Appendix Carry Concealment Holster (APN43) is an IWB holster designed for appendix carry or standard IWB carry on your waist.

The holster is offered with an adjustment screw for accurate retention pressure and personal preference; a belt clip that allows five cant positions with a simple turn clockwise/counter clockwise; a sweat guard to buffer between the firearm and your body, to assist with better purchase of the firearm and to offer a degree of ventilation, without allowing sweat to pass to the slide of your firearm (the sweat guard is detachable and you may use the holster without it); a concealment wing (available for right handed only) to push the grip of your firearm towards your body for less ‘printing’ (also removable); and finally, the holster is ambidextrous and may be switched to left-hand use without any tools required. The APN43 holster is highly concealable, very lightweight, completely washable, ventilated, highly durable, it is contoured for maximum comfort, and is extremely convenient for every day concealed carry.

  • Adjustable Passive Retention
  • Detachable Ambidextrous Sweat Guard
  • Rotatable Ambidextrous Belt Clip
  • Removable Comfort Lever (for right-handed users only)
  • Protected sight channel
  • Low profile design for concealability

Out of stock


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