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Get all you need for your GDome in one order

1. Hero 4/3+/3 GDOME

The PDS (Professional Dome System) has been close to two years in the making, we have added all the features needed to create an unrivalled Dome System that is affordable and easy to use, while offering industry-leading optics.

With this Dome Housing, getting the elusive under overshot also known as 50/50 or split shot has never been easier.

The GDome Housing uses a 160mm Dome, this massive dome pushes the water line away from the lens, creating a space that allows you to capture the split in the water line with unbelievable ease.

2. Replacement Housing Hero 4/3+ and 3

Replacement housings for your Hero 4 / 3+ or 3

Compatible with the GoDome Housing!

35m Depth Rating

3.Battery Hero 4 x2

We now have an affordable range of aftermarket batteries made specifically for your Hero 4 cameras.

They boast 1160MAH and are ready to extend your filming capabilities.

4.Floaty Bobber

The bright yellow colour makes the camera and grips easy to see in the water, while the adjustable wrist strap helps secure the mount to the user.


*No cameras are included in the sale*

Made to be used with GoPro® Hero [ 4 ] camera.

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