MAG MEC-GAR SIG P229 40 S&W/357 SIG 14 R

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MAG MEC-GAR SIG P229 40 S&W/357 SIG 14 R


Get 14 rounds of hard-hitting .40 S&W/.357 Sig with these extended magazines for P229 pistols. Features include stainless steel construction, special anti-friction coating, numbered witness holes, polymer followers and polymer base plates. Building on the success of Sig Sauer’s legendary P226 combat pistol, the compact-sized P228/P229 series delivers hard-hitting firepower in a concealable package. And with Mec-Gar’s enhanced magazines, you’ll have a carry kit you can trust with your life …

  • Caliber:        357 SIG
  • Capacity:     14-Round
  • Material:     Steel
  • Mec-Gar
  • Redesigned tube to improve functionality
  • Heat-treated for strength
  • Interlinked internal components
  • Anti-Friction Coating

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