Magpul GL Enhanced Magazine Well for GLOCK 17 GEN3

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Magpul GL Enhanced Magazine Well for GLOCK 17 GEN3





The Magpul GL Enhanced Magazine Well for GLOCK 17 GEN 3 is a high performance, purpose-built Glock frame magazine well. It was designed to enhance and ensure positive magazine insertion in high stress scenarios. Its sleek and ergonomic design features also provide excellent concealment and ensure minimal printing to the user’s clothing. Ramp and edge geometry allow for the smooth removal of faulty or stuck magazines during reloading or immediate action events.

The Magpul GL Enhanced Magazine Well is optimized for use with standard capacity Glock factory magazines, Magpul GL magazines, and a variety of aftermarket floorplates and extensions that are available for both. Recent generations of reduced capacity (10 rd) factory Glock magazines have several dimensional differences which may interfere with any magazine well, including the Magpul GL Enhanced Magazine Well. Some large aftermarket floorplates may also interfere.

Due to inherent variances in Glock frame production, if an excessively tight fit is experienced during the installation of an Enhanced Magazine Well that requires excessive force, we recommend that a professional gunsmith complete the installation to mitigate the potential for frame damage.

Made in the USA.

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