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These night sights are available for all modern handguns and offer 20% more brightness than any other night sights on the market! Furthermore, our  Tru-Dot® models offer a handgun sighting system for improved rapid instinctive aiming, which requires no transitions from day to night use. It is well known in the industry that Meprolight’s tritium sights are found on more handguns worldwide than any other brand. Make sure to check out our other Rifle Sights made by Meprolight in Israel such as the Mepro M21M5, and MOR

Compatibility: CZ 75

Features of the MicroRDS:

  • One sight fits all platforms with the specific Meprolight adapter
  • Clear aiming point for all light conditions
  • The RDS can be installed and removed in seconds, offering return-to-zero capability
  • NO Need to mill the slide or modify your handgun

Features of the Night Sights Adapter:

  • Self Illuminated light source – No batteries or switches, always ready when you need them
  • Operates under all weather conditions
  • The brightest night sights available today
  • Totally integrated day-night sighting
  • Maintenance free
  • Can be mounted directly with no weapon modifications
  • Over 4,500,000 systems in use, worldwide
  • Tests by marksmen show an increase of over 85% in hit capability
  • Strongest worldwide comprehensive warranty in the industry


  • Micro RDS Sight
  • Tritium Rear Sight Cut Ready for Optic
  • Tritium Front Sight
  • Battery

Out of stock


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